The dedicated volunteers at Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. want to help YOU find your next best friend. I can assure you he/she is waiting to meet you. We evaluate each and every dog that we bring into our rescue and once they are placed in a foster home, we continue to get feedback on characteristics of the dog. We work very hard to find you and your family the perfect dog for your lifestyle! When you adopt a furry friend from Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. we want you to ask questions, discuss the adoption with all members of the family, and show all signs of a responsible pet owner. It is our job to educate any potential adopter about the breed or breed mix and to make sure that the dog you have your heart set on is indeed the right dog for you! When you are ready to adopt, or if you just have questions about adopting... do not hesitate to contact Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc.

Our passion drives us each and every day. I can promise that each one of us has a story to tell about a dog or in most case, multiple dogs, have touched our lives and remained in our hearts forever. Just as each one of us has a story, so does each dog we rescue, whether it is a story involving abuse or neglect, or losing their owner after being by their side for years... it is our mission to see every dog we save find their way to a fabulous forever home!

PLEASE NOTE: Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. is a strong advocate of responsible pet ownership which includes and is not limited too; monthly heartworm prevention, monthly flea/tick prevention, annual vaccinations, annual heartworm tests, and spay/neuter of all current pets living with the person/persons applying to adopt a dog from Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. If person/persons applying to adopt have good reason why they do not meet the required criteria as a responsible pet owner, Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. will give the person/persons an opportunity to explain (e.g. health condition, age, etc). Any person/persons applying to adopt that do not meet the responsible pet ownership requirements set forth by Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. will have their application for adoption denied.

Adoption contribution to adopt one of our amazing rescue dogs ranges $150-$250

For more information, please check our adoption page or foster page.

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Happy Beginnings

Every rescue dog has a story to tell, sometimes we know their story when we take them into rescue and sometimes we just have to assume the worst.  No matter what, from the day we become responsible for their precious lives, we make sure they are taken care of in foster homes and with all the vet care needed... and most of all unconditional love!  Some of our rescue dogs have never experienced human companionship and real love, so it our obligation to give them a fresh start on life.  As a rescue, we are the peaceful journey in between the dogs leaving an unfit environment and finding an amazing forever home!  Each time we have the privilege of watching a rescue dog go to a great forever home, Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue calls this “Happy Beginnings”… it’s definitely not a happy ending.  For these dogs, no matter how young or old, it’s the beginning of a new life, a second chance, a final place to call home and feel secure.  We make the promise to seek out these wonderful forever homes to every rescue dog we have… and I can assure you that we will never let them down.  For us, these are the rewards of dog rescue! Happy Beginnings is a list of dogs that have found their furever home.